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3 Simple Interior Tips When Decorating Your Bedroom

An average person spends roughly 33 years in bed, making your bedroom one of the most influential spaces in your life. The decor plays a pivotal role in your mood, quality of sleep, and overall wellness, especially since it should be an oasis where you can escape the daily grind. 

Seeing as it’s a place where you spend plenty of time in, it’s no surprise that most dream of having a bedroom that takes inspiration from your glossy, home interior magazines. Most don’t have the budget to fulfill lofty dreams, but you don’t need big bucks to give your bedroom a makeover. 

With that in mind, the decor tricks below should help you elevate your bedroom’s functionality, ambiance, and aesthetics on a budget: 

Tip #1: Give It A Full Makeover By Adding A Fresh Coat Of Paint 

If you’re in the mood to completely shake things up in your bedroom, replacing your old walls with a fresh coat of paint can arguably make the biggest difference in design all while being the least expensive form of remodeling. 

Color is a powerful design tool that can impact the mood and give it an illusion of spaciousness. For those looking to embrace calming vibes, going for cool colors is a relaxing hue that can effectively put you at ease as soon as you enter the room. Brighter colors, on the other hand, can give your space some warmth. This can give it a more welcoming and uplifting feel. 

Tip #2: Change Your Throw Pillows And Bedding 

Another simple way to refresh the look of your bedroom is by changing your bedding – from the throw pillows, blanket, duvet, and more. Selecting colors that complement the color scheme of the room can do wonders for creating a cohesive style, making it an excellent accent for your space. 

If your room looks and feels plain, going for bedding with wild patterns can give it a visually exciting element and give the overall decor a dramatic flair. 

Tip #3: Play Around With Lighting Fixtures 

In addition to color, the lighting also plays a pivotal role in influencing your bedroom’s atmosphere. It’s a key, decorative element that can either set an inviting mood or brighten it up to boost your productivity for the day. 

From creating a focal point in the room to changing the perceived size of your space, adding lighting fixtures in your bedroom is an effective way to highlight its ambiance. 

The Bottom Line: Decorating Your Bedroom To Make It Look And Feel Luxurious Without Breaking The Bank 

The bedroom is a safe space where you can unwind, be productive, and just be yourself for the better part of the day. That’s why people are willing to spend hundreds of dollars to curate their bedroom decor and integrate splashes of their personality in the interiors, but you don’t have to pay more to give your space the overhaul it needs.

If you’re striving to achieve a luxurious bedroom for less, our designers at Dream Home Developers can help make your fix-me-upper dreams come true without burning holes in your pocket. From home additions, home remodeling, to other interior renovations, we offer plans that fit your needs. 

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